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jimbo rambles: November 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

newest music venture

I have new music "Ugly
Things" on Macidol
and alsoon MacJams

Kelli King and I have been working on a lot of stuff, and it has been an unusually rewarding collaboration. She seems to get what I want to do most of the time, and she has a lovely voice and great insights when making music. Since I don't know much about her and we've never met in person or talked on the phone, it really is odd that we seem to have an easygoing relationship that allows us to work so well together. Other songs we've worked on are on MacIdol under my name at: The Tide, I Was Wrong,Corrina, Andrea Yates

And at MacJams at: The Tide, I Was Wrong, Andrea Yates, Corrina

Stay tuned for the rest!