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Thursday, July 28, 2005

So here's the words to "the wheels have come off":

"The wheels have come off
I'm more or less set adrift
And it's a big horizon
When your perspective shifts
But I'll pick up the pieces
As that's all there is
(I know)
As the world turns around
It spins only one way

You can't help but move on
Take it one day at a time
I'm losing track of my metaphors
In a sea of bad rhyme
But it helps to get it out
Just as it sometimes helps to cry
But don't take my word for it
You should try it sometime

As another day gets put in the ground
It'll come back on the other side
(solo section)

I keep hearing her voice
Its like I have no choice
Shes still right here as if she never left
worn at the edge
The memory's frayed
But well worn just the same

The wheels have come off
Seems like I drag through the day
Slowly passing through the hours
And I sometimes don't know what to say
I know this too will pass
And it won't always be this way...

I'll put it all back together
In the proper time and place."

It sometimes seems to me this mourning over my mother may be a bit much. No one really wants to hear it, as it's something that everyone fears if they haven't gone through it, and feels deeply if they have. But that's just it, doesn't all this poetry and music spring from that fear and memory?


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